We all know that the outbreak of Covid-19 has put the world in crisis. Businesses, whether big or small have been hit hard. The world economy has been severely affected.Industrial (Manufacturing) sector comprises of more than 30% of World GDP. As a result of decline in demand of industrial goods and difficulty in carrying out on-site production, the World GDP has suffered a lot.

During this pandemic crisis, Power Platform and D365 F&O have come as blessing to the companies. Knowing that, lets take a deeper look at the benefits provided by all the components of Power Platform and D365 F&O-

Effective Communication-

Not the companies that produce a large amount of data are successful, but how that data is analysed for insights is important. Big data should be analysed properly for better decision making, innovation, creation of new opportunities, improved customer service, efficiency and effectiveness. Power BI is a versatile tool which helps in aggregating, analysing, visualising, and sharing data. It helps the human brain to understand the big and small data as it makes it easier to detect patterns, trends, and outliers in groups of data. The complicated datasets provide a clear and concise meaning with the help of Power BI.

Smart Analysis –

It is important for companies to assess the impact of covid-19 on their workforce, customers, revenue, and costs. Power BI helps in tracking the consequences of the pandemic on the business and get useful insights to make smarter decisions.

Strategizing –

Manufacturers are giving distributors different incentives to fight the decline in sales due to the pandemic. Billback SPA Management Module in MS D365 by Vyas Consulting helps manufacturers to manage the complex contracts and execute the claim process by paying the difference between the original price (acquisition price) and the new price (price agreed upon after entering into a Special Pricing Agreement with distributors) effectively and efficiently.

Balancing Supply Chain –

With the help of Supply Chain Management Module of D365, shop floor and equipment operations can be managed with a real-time view of your entire production and stock using IoT.Also, Companies can address the change in demand by resizing the stock levels with Planning Optimization Add-in.

Fixed Asset Management –

Fixed Asset management is always a concern for Manufacturers. With the help of Asset Tracking App, manufacturers can reduce the risk of asset theft. Scheduled preventive maintenance helps in unexpected breakdown of assets.

Power Platform and D365 F&O helps to address and overcome the unexpected events and is considered essential by many companies these days.