Using the Vyas Consulting Pricing solution, users can easily accommodate complex pricing strategies. Our pricing management system helps users to create sales price contracts for a specific customer, group of customers, or all customers. Vyas consulting can rescue you from the tedious job of handling multiple pricing plans and can save your time especially when you are selling from a workspace to walk-in customers or to customers over a phone call or email.

It becomes very important to ensure that each customer is receiving their correct price and with the help of our solution, you can set your pricing agreements and forget them.


The few of many  key features  of our Pricing Solution are:

We address various complex pricing calculation methods which include cost plus, sell cost plus, list price, fixed price, alternate price, etc.

Price basis setup based on different branches and vendors

Maintain factors to determine prices - Wholesalers and retailers consider many factors when trying to arrive at appropriate pricing. Our system helps the users to use different factors to arrive at the correct price.

Pricing simulation

Benefits of our solution-

Easy for users to learn - The pricing solution features are very intuitive

Real-time margin and profitability analysis

Why Vyas Consulting ?

Our experience encompassed every version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics AX) since 2002. Our teams understand the full breadth and capability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and can tailor it to your precise business needs and ensure that you utilize the software to its full potential. Our team has over 15 years of experience independently and within large, global employers. Coupled with an offshore team hand-picked from our network, we deliver the solution to you accurately, technically sound, and economically