Wholesale distributors face many challenges when managing the increasing volume of special pricing agreements offered by their vendors

  • Manual or segmented processes result in a weak audit trail, and the risk of non-compliance with stringent terms and conditions required by vendors. The result is poor visibility into profitability impact, and increased chargeback disputes.
  • Tedious management of pricing and rebate programs due to the numerous permutations of discounts offered by vendors.
  • Systems often aren’t flexible enough to match the specific program that the vendor is offering (i.e. exclude certain customers; only allow discount if certain mix of products is sold together; minimum and maximum quantity restrictions, etc.

Special Pricing and Chargeback Management for D365, is a comprehensive system that was developed with these pain points in mind. It is an affordable, manageable and supportable enterprise solution.

Reduces operating costs with efficient and streamlined management of vendor claims

Reduces manual administrative work

Reduces cost of dispute resolution

Reduces vendor receivables days outstanding

Reduces revenue leakage

Increases cash flows and reduces COGS

Highly Configurable


Sophisticated tools included in our application allows distributors to configure flexible rules, create, combine, and modify agreements, control application to sales orders, process claims, and manage reimbursements from vendors.

The application is completely integrated with core D365 processes (A/R, A/P, Inventory, G/L), with a consistent look and feel.