Wholesale Distribution

Economic and social upheavals in recent decades have posed the wholesale distribution industry with unique challenges and unanticipated possibilities. With social media becoming more popular, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors are under a lot of pressure to meet customer needs. Therefore, it becomes important to meet rising expectations rapidly, precisely, and reliably.

Traditional integrated management faced many risks, including physical documentation, preserving client-specific data, monitoring cost pricing, list price, purchase pricing, inventory, customer retention, and customer acquisition. Wholesaler woes have only exacerbated the urgency with which they must integrate innovative innovation to switch to a more dynamic product approach and customized business management through Special Pricing Agreements.

SPA and chargeback for wholesale distributors

The distributor and the manufacturer work out the details of a special pricing agreement in a legally binding contract. Applying the agreement to an eligible customer order, the distributor can file a claim with the manufacturer to receive a reimbursement of the cost delta. Distributors rely heavily on these chargeback claims which have a major impact on their net profit.

Inside sales for Wholesale distributor

Inside sales are no longer merely telemarketing with a large customer base thanks to CRM, email, phone calls, internet platforms, or even just stopping by the warehouse. The internal deal team contacts them to assess their needs, handle their worries, and offer the information they need to buy. The staff constantly pursues recommendations and upsells existing clients to grow the business.

Automated Order Management for Wholesale Distributors

It’s easy for wholesale distributors to avoid making mistakes when fulfilling just a few orders per day, but when orders come in through multiple channels, an automated order management system is a necessity. The wholesale distributor welcomes customers to contact them via phone, email, or in person at the warehouse. Converting these orders into sales is a daunting task for any wholesale distributor.

Pricing for Wholesale Distributors

Pricing is an integral part of all businesses, be they small or large. It is crucial for customers to derive utility from every dollar spent to keep the demand curve rising. The ideal pricing model is the core of any sale. An optimal pricing strategy can help distributors achieve their goals.