Consumer Goods

The consumer products business is worth billions of dollars and is linked to supply chain management as it includes wholesalers, retailers, and service providers.

To meet the expanding demands of customers in every market, we require solid, scalable, infrastructural, and cost-effective yet custom-tailored solutions to the problems that plague manufacturers and wholesalers.

By working together, manufacturers and wholesale distributors can more easily meet sales quotas by focusing on the most cost-conscious customers. With such small profit margins, distributors stand to lose money if they get their prices wrong, so they use special pricing agreements to make sure they are right


Wholesalers and Manufacturers must negotiate the fine details to ensure the best price. Distributors rely heavily on these chargeback claims which have a major impact on their net profit. Vyas offers affordable, easy-to-use, and supported enterprise solutions to manage the many SPAS, including their expiration dates, stand-alone status, eligibility in bundles, minimum or maximum quantity limits, and help with settling claims.

Wholesale distributors employ the best inside sales, counter sales, and automated order management tools. Every consumer is valuable, but closing the sales lead quickly is more crucial. We can automate sales via digital funnels to make the sales cycle error-free. With our customized automated order management, the sales representative can quickly find products based on shape, size, quality, price, and other features that are related. Our automated order system automatically takes orders from emails and assures error-free processing for distributors. Our unique system handles large orders efficiently and effectively. Our Counter Sales solution is a scaled-down version of our external point-of-sale, optimized to meet the needs of wholesale distributors. We make the reconciliation process, invoicing, and payments at the counter more convenient for the sales representative.