Companies who provide materials or services within the Construction industry require the ability to register claims against construction projects.  These claims are used as security against credit granted to customers.

Vyas Construction Claims is a customized solution that allows users to manage activities for secured claims and ensures visibility to the required notices, waivers, and release documents or any credit granted to a particular project.

When registering these claims, companies need to notify various parties to the project that the claim has been registered.  They may also issue waivers of the claims.

Link Claims with Projects and Sales agreements

Capture property legal address and project details for each Claim

Capture all parties to a Claim and their roles

Track Notices, Waivers, and Releases for each Claim, along with document attachment support.

Enhanced Credit and collections visibility into aged A/R balances per claim

Configurable Claim groups allow users to associate the correct parties, notices, waivers, releases applicable for various types of projects and to conform to state requirements.


The Construction Claims can be linked to the sales agreement and project forms where claims details can be accessed.

In addition, users can add multiple waivers to the claim and make updates to existing waivers.

The entire claim process is simplified and ensures transparency for the stakeholders. This, we call the “VYAS EFFECT”