There is a persistent myth that is finally dissipating that inside sales are essentially just telemarketing but have a wider clientele through CRM, email, phone calls, online channels, or even just stopping by the warehouse. The internal deal team contacts potential customers to learn about their needs, react to their inquiries, deliver necessary product information, and designate them as leads. Additionally, the team looks for recommendations and keeps in touch with customers for upsells to grow the company.

Though the current profit margins are razor-thin, acquiring more customers in the shortest amount of time is the key to increasing the volume of the business. Inside sales is an excellent business strategy when the sales process is more transactional and automated through digital funnels. These funnels Build solid relationships that lead to sale

Sales reps spend less time closing leads, and smaller deals with quick turnarounds conducted through online channels result in a shorter sale cycle complexity. The new features also enable users to quickly find products based on their shape, size, attributes, pricing, and so on. The Product search is also more convenient and only a click away with the Insides sales application on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Vyas Consulting has an Inside sales solution that includes many features to streamline the order entry process:

  • Enhanced customer search
  • Intelligent product search
  • Visibility of available stock by branch
  • Pricing details, including analysis of current price and customer price history
  • Product authorization/restriction controls
  • Automated creation of orders from customer email

Vyas consulting creates a positive onboarding experience and provides your team with the resources they need to succeed in inside sales. With the right application, you can exponentially grow your business and profits. Thereby increasing the revenue by boosting sales volume, reduction in costs, bring improved performance through intuitive data management and analytics.