Wholesale distributors receive customer orders in many different ways – by phone, email, ecommerce, EDI, or even in-person. B2B customers demand accurate, rapid information, regardless of how they are placing an order. While customers frequently use ecommerce to browse products, many still prefer to talk to a sales representative to finalize their transaction. A phone call or even an in-person visit to a distributor’s location demands an equally efficient response from the sales representative in order to achieve customer satisfaction and retention.

Distributors should focus on the efficiencies of a few key aspects during the sales process:

Identifying the customer: Locate the customer’s account quickly and determine if they have purchase before.

Understanding the customer: Does the customer have any open customer services issues? What is their purchase history?

Finding the products: Determine what products the customer wishes to purchase, how much stock is available, and quote an accurate price. If product is not available, be prepared to offer alternatives, or accurate available to promise data.

Closing the deal: If the customer is placing an order by phone, ensure that all necessary details have been finalized and send them a confirmation that their order has been created. If the customer is on-site placing a counter sale, be prepared to take a payment, print a receipt, and fulfill the order on the spot.

Although these steps seem simple and straightforward, there is always room for improvement. Small things can make a big difference in how quickly a sales representative can respond to a customer’s inquiries. At Vyas Consulting, we have created an add-on solution for Microsoft D365 FO that makes the Inside Sales/Counter Sales processes quick and easy. Contact us today to learn more and request a demo, or use the following link to learn more about Vyas Inside Sales and Counter Sales for D365.