The ERP System is used as a very vital tool to integrate different organizational systems and facilitates error-free transactions and production. ERP System makes an organization more efficient and less rigidly structured so that organization components operate more easily, enhancing organization internally and externally. It helps to find sufficiency, competence and usefulness of the information system’s internal control structure. It audits to review the reliability and integrity of information and inspects the systems for agreement with policies, conventions, events and laws.

Vyas Consulting provides different services of ERP audit to give assurance in coverage area of system’s integrity, application’s safety measures, business audits and infrastructure’s reliability and implementation review. It ensures that the system component is properly configured and the system is secured and your ERP software is eliminating manual work done related to understanding and usage of business process. Collaboration in between business and ERP System audit will definitely help to find the gap between expectations of customers and exact services which are provided by the company. It is necessary to fill that gap through right moves of process improvements that creates return of investment in terms of customer satisfaction.

ERP audit will be done in real time environment, when an organization goes live so many transactions will happen in terms of business process. To reduce duplicity in the database, ERP system audit will work according to software development life cycle (SDLC) to manage all work in an appropriate manner and after auditing all projects it also provides a pre-implementation review of the desired result. Vyas Consulting is also associated to perform and measure these initiatives to give the important feedback to its clients and use them according to its future requirements.