SPA and chargeback for wholesale distributors

The distributor and the manufacturer work out the details of a special pricing agreement in a legally binding contract. Applying the agreement to an eligible customer order, the distributor can file a claim with the manufacturer to receive a reimbursement of the cost delta. Distributors rely heavily on these chargeback claims which have a major impact on their net profit.

The SPA customizes the pricing agreements specifically for each vendor in a manner that helps both the manufacturer and the distributor achieve maximum profit in an efficient and fast chargeback process. At Vyas, the SPA programs are intricate and tailored to the specific requirements of each distributor, who may be a party to more than one agreement, tracking all the paperwork related to chargebacks and ensuring it is made timely available. We minimize any claim denial, which can cost a lot of time and money for wholesale distributors.

When it comes to helping clear bottlenecks like lowering dispute costs and reducing vendor receivable days, we facilitate better planning, design, and execution of agreements with automated and integrated system workflow. We have the most cutting-edge, unified technology designed for every client. Our services facilitate more effective negotiation, drafting, and carrying out of any contracts. The reconciliation tools help to process automation for streamlined administration of chargeback claims.