Inside Sales for Wholesale Distributor

Inside sales are no longer merely telemarketing with a large customer base thanks to CRM, email, phone calls, internet platforms, or even just stopping by the warehouse. The internal deal team contacts them to assess their needs, handle their worries, and offer the information they need to buy. The staff constantly pursues recommendations and upsells existing clients to grow the business.

Technology automates inside sales and helps them close the deal within a short turnaround time.

Despite razor-thin profit margins, adding consumers is the key to growing the business. When digital funnels automate the sales process, inside sales work well.

These funnels build sales-generating partnerships. Sales representatives close leads faster, and online sales with quick turnarounds reduce the complexity of the sale cycle. With our personalized automated solutions, the sales representative rapidly finds products by form, size, quality, pricing, and more.

We streamline the order entry process with these  features :

Enhanced customer search

Intelligent product search

Visibility of available stock by branch

Pricing details, including analysis of current price and customer price history

Product authorization/restriction controls

Automated creation of orders from customer email