Efficiency. Speed. Great returns. Seamless Operations. How do you think any organization who is into wholesale business with huge product lines spread across demography’s can achieve this?

There are various ways how customers reach out to the distributors or wholesalers. They might place the order by phone, email or e-commerce, especially post-pandemic. B2B customers demand accurate, rapid information, irrespective of how they are placing an order. While customers frequently use e-commerce to browse products, many might still prefer to talk to a sales representative to finalize their transactions. The kind of response the customer gets can make or break the deal. This is where Inside Sales and Counter Sales become crucial.

Inside sales is a business strategy that involves sales representatives contacting potential customers, reacting to inquiries, and delivering necessary product information to designate them as leads. By building solid relationships through digital funnels, Inside sales helps to automate and streamline the sales process.

To optimize the customer’s experience, it is important to leverage the right technology and tools to improve the Inside Sales and Counter Sales processes. At Vyas Consulting, we offer an add-on solution for Microsoft D365 F&O that enhances both of these processes, with the following key features:

Enhanced Customer Search

Our solution allows sales representatives to quickly locate a customer’s account and determine if they purchased before. This information can help the representative better understand the customer’s needs and preferences, resulting in a more personalized and efficient experience.

Automated Creation of Orders from Customer Email

Customers can send in their orders via email, and our solution will automatically create an order in Microsoft D365 F&O. This helps to minimize errors and streamline the order entry process.

Intelligent Product Search

Our solution makes it easy for sales representatives to locate the products that customers want to purchase. The system can provide information on stock availability and pricing, and even offer alternative options if the desired product is not available.

Product Authorization/Restriction Controls

Our solution allows for controls to be put in place to limit product access based on authorization levels. This ensures that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive products, such as those with safety concerns or high value.

External Catalog

Our solution enables sales representatives to easily send a quote to their customers using product data from supplier catalogs, without requiring the creation of a product master in the system. This prevents excess product master data for one-off quotations that never materialize into actual orders.

Visibility of Available Stock by Branch/Warehouse

Our solution provides real-time visibility of available stock by branch, allowing sales representatives to provide accurate information to customers and avoid backorders.

Pricing Details, including Analysis of Current Price and Customer Price History

Our solution provides sales representatives with access to pricing details, including analysis of current prices and customer price history. This allows for more informed pricing decisions and can help to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Counter Sales

Our solution includes features such as cash drawer reconciliation, an efficient customer pick-up/will-call order process, and POS payment options. These features help to streamline the counter sales process.

Cash Drawer Reconciliation

In counter sales with a cash drawer, it is important to closely manage the opening and closing cash drawer balance and ensure that it reconciles to the posted cash transactions.

Opening a session allows the sales representative to start the transaction process by logging into the system and verifying their identity. Once the session is open, the sales representative can start processing customer orders.

Closing a session ensures that all transactions are accurately recorded, and that the sales representative is accountable for their sales. Once the session is closed, the system will generate a report summarizing all the transactions that occurred during that session.

Customer Pick-up/Will-call

In some cases, customers may prefer to place an order over the phone and then pick up the order in person at the store or warehouse. The will-call feature allows sales representatives to process these types of orders and ensure that the products are ready for the customer to pick up when they arrive.

POS payment

Counter sales often involve a customer paying for their order on the spot. To facilitate this process, Vyas Consulting has added a point-of-sale (POS) payment feature to their Inside Sales solution. The sales representative can accept various forms of payment, such as cash, credit card, or check, and process the payment through the system. This feature streamlines the payment process and ensures that all transactions are accurately recorded.

In conclusion, by integrating both inside sales and counter sales processes and using the right tools and features, you can improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and streamline your operations. With Vyas Consulting’s Inside Sales & Counter Sales solution for Microsoft D365 FO, you can leverage these features and more to transform your sales processes and stay ahead of your competitors.