Automated Order Management for Wholesale Distributors

It’s easy for wholesale distributors to avoid making mistakes when fulfilling just a few orders per day, but when orders come in through multiple channels, an automated order management system is a necessity. The wholesale distributor welcomes customers to contact them via phone, email, or in person at the warehouse. Converting these orders into sales is a daunting task for any wholesale distributor.

Our automated order system not only aids distributors in eliminating the chances of errors while automatically taking the order from the email but also ensures error-free processing.

Our data-driven approach never loses a single order due to a lack of inventory. Our customized system can handle large quantities or multiple orders as efficiently as possible.

Today, distributors can adopt the improved automated management system into their everyday work, which is very easy to use.

In the Vyas Automated Order Management system, a sales order is automatically processed when an email attachment is received.

Our solutions can automatically create an order in the system based on the information that is provided by the customer and read the order details that are sent by the customer as a pdf attachment over email.