Affordable, Manageable and Supportable Enterprise Solutions.


As a manufacturer, you strive to deliver great customerexperience; respond to changing market trends; want to gain operational efficiencies; and adapt to changing regulations.

We at Vyas Consulting understand your needs. Our consultants will help you streamline processes with customers, suppliers, and employees.
We offer a three sided solution. It will:

  • Help in building a collaborative and profitable partnership with suppliers
  • Empower your employees with critical business intelligence
  • Help develop deeper and more responsive relationships with customers

Our easy to use tools, will result in efficiency of operations—improved quality, reduction in waste, and ensuring compliance.


Staying competitive and the ability to predict and respond to changes in end-customer demand are key distributor needs.

We at Vyas Consulting offer a solution that delivers visibility into your sales data, inventory levels, and shipment schedules. It helps you meet customer demands in the less than the turn around time. We help simplify complex supply chain operations to ensure your company remains vigorous and fully operational by:

  • Identifying customer behavior
  • Predicting future market trends
  • Keeping your inventory lean
  • Making smarter buying decisions that decrease costs
  • Negotiating better terms with vendors and suppliers
  • Improving customer relationships


Retailers aspire to create an exceptional and insightful shopping experience. We at Vyas Consulting offer scalable solutions that will help you:/p>

  • Create a seamless shopping experiences
  • Enable Omni Channel Buying
  • Create a modern store experience
  • Effectively manage merchandising
  • Optimize operations though insights
  • Innovate with a modern and adaptable platform